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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Berjalan searah realita

Your eyes see some light and a lamp appears in your mind
Your ears hear a name and someone appears in your mind
Your tongue tastes a flavour and some food appears in your mind
The light disappears, but the lamp is still in your mind
The sound disappears, but the person is still in your mind
The taste disappars, but the food is still in your mind
The lamp is not the light
The person is not the name
The food is not the taste
What are lamp, person, food then? Illusions.
So, let me introduce myself: an illusion.
But wait, maybe your's too...

By false perception, comes false expectation.
False expectation goes against the reality;
it just cannot be, the result is only suffering.
Wishing for something, but what happens is the opposite.
It is because of false expectation,
and false expectation is because of false perception.
(Tebak copy paste dari mana...:p)
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