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Monday, January 16, 2006

Nibbana is not extinction

It's easy to think that when someone reach nibbana, someone just disappear. Why? Consider ...

a person consists of mentality (nama) and material (rupa) this nama and rupa are caused by attachment (upadana) now, someone who has destroyed all attachment, will have nama and rupa to disappear too...

the question, if a person is composed solely of nama and rupa, and the nama and rupa disappear, then what would be left? Nothing, and wouldn't it means extinction?

To answer this question, I would propose another view,let's see for example
1 minus 1 = 0 -> nothing left ... but
1 negated = -1 -> something new
Nibbana is not disapperance of nama and rupa (1 - 1), instead nibbana is a negation (a-sankhara) of nama and rupa (sankhara), thus someone leaps from sankhara (which is impermanent, painful, and not-I) to something a-sankhara (which is permanent and not painful, but still not-I).

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Define an ideal person:
Nice, generous, virtuous, wise, kind, helpful, friendly, and so on.
Someone has this idealism. He sees himself not like that, nor he see others like that. Failed to find his idealism, he lives in dream of his idealism. He ignores the real world, because it's not ideal.

Define an ideal person:
(the person) trying to be nice, trying to be virtuous, trying to be helpful, trying to be friendly, trying to be better than now.
Someone has this idealism. He sees himself trying to be like that, and he feels satisfied. He sees himself not trying to be so, and he changes himself to be ideal by trying to be so. He sees others trying to be so, and he feels satisfied. He sees others not trying to be so, and he urges them trying to be so.

Indeed! Ideal is a process, not an outcome.

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Friday, January 13, 2006

Setiap Detik

Setiap detik dalam hidup ini begitu berharga,
Kita beruntung bisa mendapatkannya,
mungkin orang lain tidak bisa.

Apa yang perlu dilakukan dengan hal yang berharga?
Gunakan sebaik-baiknya.

Menggunakan 80% dari detik-detik yang berharga...
Menginginkan 20%-nya lagi akan membutuhkan 80% usaha

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Wednesday, January 04, 2006


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