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Friday, December 31, 1999

Asubha meditation : Corpse Images (warning: offensive images)

Well, it look a joke maybe. But I hope you take it seriously and have any benefit from it :).

These photos are taken from the Internet. I hope the authors won't be mind if I use their photos.

  1. http://blacklake.biz/meck/trip2.htm

These pictures are from http://www.wakeupsmart.com/Asubha.html given as objects to asubha subject.

  1. Uddhumataka, mayat menggembung

    Dear friends, remember, the shape of the body is not beautiful. When the person dies, it will change to something disgusting.

  2. Vinilaka, mayat dengan kulit yang membusuk

    Dear friends, the skin is not beautiful. When someone dies, the skin become disgusting.

  3. Vipubbaka

    Sorry, I don't put the image here.

  4. Vicchidaka, corpse cut into parts

    It shows that the whole complexion is not beautiful. If you cut someone into parts, then it will not be beautiful again.

  5. Vikkahayitaka, corpse eaten by animals

    It shows that parts of the body is not beautiful.

  6. Vikkhitakka

    I don't put the image here.

  7. Hatavikkhitakka

    I don't put the image here, it's too scary I think. It is of no point if you get scaried rather than knowing the real meaning of it.

  8. Lohitaka, bleeding corpse

    No jewelery can hide blood, do you think that jewelery still looks beautiful again when it is mixed with blood.

  9. Puluvaka, worm infected corpse

    The body is not ours, it belongs to the worms. If it is ours, how can we let these worms eat our body.

  10. Atthika, the skeleton

Another image

Well ... life is not that beautiful, right :D

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