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Sunday, July 31, 2005

Practice Note 31/07/2005

Spinach Soup for the Heart

Why spinach ? So that we can get stronger like Popeye maybe ? hehe... . And I think we should avoid chicken these days (flu burung?) and also that vegetables is better (You do not KILL vegetables to eat them).

Ven. Ajahn Brahmavamso describes here that meditation is a training. It is like a work every day. We do not gain the payment every day, but because of the working every day, we can enjoy payment at the end of the month. There is, however something that we can learn everytime we meditate. But I often unconscious about anything I have learned, thus I will try to reflect and write the result here about things that I have learned everytime I meditate.

  • First, there is tension. The breath seem like being forced.
  • I always end up with being sleepy or my mind being very distracted that I feel like do not want to hold it anymore.
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Saturday, July 30, 2005

Do and Don't in meditation

These are tips on meditation, or the things that I think or have found to be important. Also any fallacy or false belief is also welcome here.
(-_-) ...zzzZZZ <- this is sleeping not meditating, hehe... ,
(O_O) and this is (sepasang mata bola?)
instead we have to seek balance like this (o_o).

I put tips here not because I'm an experienced meditator, but because of I have always be failed in my meditation practice. Thus I need a lot lot of insight to stop me from following the wrong path.

Meditate to meditate
From: http://www.lioncity.net/buddhism/index.php?showtopic=16887

What is important is the meditation itself and not the achievement. When we meditate we have to focus on the process, stop thinking about any achievement that we want. Any achievement is the fruit, like kamma, if we spend our time thinking about the result of good deed but not performing the deed itself, then it would be of no use then.

Let the flow comes by itself and focus on your task. Your task is to concentrate your mind, do it and let go of all else.

Control the mind by day

This means to practice sila all the day. If we do not control the mind all the day, then it will be more difficult to put the mind into focus.

Mental Attitude
From:http://www.bswa.org/modules/icontent/index.php?page=93 Renunciation. From what? From the five senses.

Precede with walking meditation.

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Fight the Evil

Any evil must be destroyed.
We can find evil both outside and inside.
To defeat evil outside, we have to defeat evil inside first.

In the Dhammapada, it is said that,
the biggest war is between one and oneself.
And what is meant by defeating oneself ?

It is to defeat evil in oneself.
Because if there is no evil in oneself, what would need
to be defeated in oneself.

Start now...
Consciousness will be your shield,
Wisdom will be your sword.
These are known as the pair of sati-sampajjana.

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Friday, July 29, 2005

The Basic Instinct

To preserve its life,
is every creature instinct.

To stop the cycle of life,
is what The Teacher taught.

Seeing this not in accordance,
it's hard to accept The Release as happiness.

But seeing that,
life is full of pain,
after careful examination.

To stop the cycle of life,
is the creature instict.

To stop the cycle of life,
is what The Teacher taught.

Seeing these are in accordance,
It is easy to see The Release as happiness.

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Aspiration Induce or Aspiration Direct ?

A talk with a nice friend creates this question in my mind:
Does aspiration induce good actions or does aspiration direct the result of those actions ?

The answer ... Let me investigate it first, may I :D

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Thursday, July 28, 2005

Mixed Recollection

There are many objects of recollection, viz.

  1. Buddhanussati
  2. Dhammanussati
  3. Sanghanusati
  4. Silanussati
  5. Caganussati
  6. Devanussati
  7. Upasamanussati
  8. Anapanasati
  9. Maranasati
  10. Kayagatasati

Now is it good or not if we frequently switch over this objects of recollection ?

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Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Paccaya or Causal Relationship

This sankhara are all conditioned things. For one thing to arise, they need another thing to arise, and so on. If we do not realize this, then we might be well trapped with the concept or anatta.

Paccaya, as taught in the Patthana, shows us the inter-relationship among things. If we can understand it, then we will not be trapped with the concept of anatta.

When we know that for the particular reality to arise there must be other realities arising concurrently as reciprocal paccaya, helping one another to arise. Without one another they could never arise at all.

TODO: read more about the paccaya.

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Good Arammanas, Food for the Heart

Justifying the action:
"Apakah hanya berbicara tentang Dhamma tapi tidak (OK bukan tidak, just not yet :P) mempraktekkannya adalah baik atau buruk ?"

Mengutip link di bawah:

.... But in regard to the word Arammana, there are both good and evil Arammana. If the Arammana is not good it is poison to the heart and inflames the Citta causing it to be troubled and anxious. If the Arammana is good it makes the Citta cool and happy, and then it becomes buried in that Citta, which is what they call Upanissaya, [35] or Vasana Parami, [36] which means "the continuous building up of what is good and right." However much this has been developed, it will be buried down in the Citta of that person until it becomes increasing Nissaya Vasana. [37] When the heart changes and moves off to another place, another life (Bhava), another realm (Bhumi), it must depend on the virtue that one has done and the amount of it that one has accumulated in one's heart (Citta). This is what turns the Citta making it go in a good direction to have Sugati, that which is hoped for, and this is where one lives and experiences.

Ketika berbicara tentang ajaran, pikiran menjadi tenang. Dengan pikiran tenang paňňa muncul. Ketika paňňa muncul, pengetahuan muncul.

Jadi saya pikir, walaupun kita belum berlatih banyak, jangan be discouraged untuk berdiskusi tentang ajaran.

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Reborn as Human Again

The future of this world is dark.

gati (lit. 'going'): 'course of existence', destiny, destination. "There are 5 courses of existence: hell, animal kingdom, ghost realm, human world, heavenly world" (D. 33; A. XI, 68). Of these, the first 3 count as woeful courses (duggati, s. apáya), the latter 2 as happy courses (sugati). (Buddhist Dictionary)

There are still much happiness in this world.
But to find truth is more difficult.

If you want to go back to this world,
Then just remember,
It is just getting heavier to walk in the right way.

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Thinking About Death

Death is hidden,
Its steps are unpredictable.
It may cut our lifeline at anytime.

I can die today, tomorrow, or later on.
How many times have I heard this,
But I'm still acting like there's a lot of time.

What one often thinks of make oneself.
What one does not often thinks do not really count.
I only seldom hear the death warning.
As seldom as thinking about it.

"Now when a man is truly wise,
His constant task will surely be,
This recollection about death,
Blessed with such mighty potency."
(Visuddhi Magga)

Untuk dapat merasakan urgensi dari kematian, kita perlu merenungkannya sering kali. Hanya mendengar beberapa kali tidak memberikan manfaat besar.

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A Best Gift

A best gift it might be,
Only it your heart truly accept it.
When you have truly accept it,
It will become yourself,
And truth will be as clear as light
within you.

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